I designed Morph in collaboration with Phoenix Devs for a client. The client sought a simple mobile app that would help motivate users to reach their goals. They wanted the UI to represent the movement of a marble from one jar to another once a task was accomplished. Thus, they wanted a UX that would reinforce the positive psychological phenomenon that this movement creates, increasing the chances of habit formation. Morf was created with Figma. Here is what we came up with…
Disclaimer: I did this project in conjunction with Phoenix Devs. New versions of the app have been made since my contributions.
1. Onboarding
We wanted the onboarding process to be simple and easy.
First, the user chooses "what kind of person" they are - reinforcing the idea that calling yourself a specific type of person is the first step toward becoming "that type of person".
Next, the client wanted a way for the users to choose a "why", or a motivator for their goal.
2. Moving Marbles + Settings
The user drags the marbles from one glass to another to symbolize that they did something contributing toward their goal.
The user can access Settings to change their icon type,  marble type, sharing settings, and more.

3. Earning Rewards
Once a user moves all of their marbles from one glass to another, they receive an award - ideally a coupon or offer from a local company. 
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