The NFT marketplace is empowering virtual artists and increasing their ability to be lucrative in creative pursuits. It has removed many of the traditional barriers to buying and selling art, and is transforming the way we see virtual creations.  
This project was completed for a client looking to create a seamless experience to showcase artists, their collections, and build an interactive platform to buy and sell their items in the NFT marketplace. The goal was a "virtual art gallery" experience that is visually calm and sleek, as to not take away from the art being showcased. 
​​​​​​​Disclaimer: I did not come up with the concept or name for an NFT gallery, nor do I own any of the rights of the concept. This product has not yet been developed.  

1. A page to tell the artists' stories
It was decided that a minimal UI and color palette would best suit the concept, as to not take anything away from the art being showcased, as well as to accommodate for a variety of art types. For this reason, I kept the navbar, buttons, and all fonts extremely simple and crisp. 
The "artists" page was created to tell the artists story, show their image of choice, and link to their social handles. 
2. A gallery fit for all types of art
When building the gallery to display the artists' collections, I had to consider how pieces of different sizes would be displayed in their thumbnail. In order to get the full effect of each piece, I decided to create a box "template" that each piece could fit into accordingly.
I also included the name of the artist on the left side, so that as the user continues to scroll through the pieces, they can reference the artist name.
3. Letting the pieces shine
Most importantly, I wanted the detailed view of the artwork to really exhibit the talent and creativity of each artist, and the power of their piece. For this reason, I created a module with a dark shadow in the back, amplifying the piece on top of it.
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