From blogging, to copywriting, to technical writing, I've got a thing for putting pen to paper. Professionally, I have used language to communicate user journeys, app/website functionality, and customer personas. I have also created website copy, monthly newsletters, and marketing blogs for multiple entities.
Personally, there is nothing that fills my soul and clears my head more than writing. Peek into my hyper-reflective, nostalgic brain via my Medium.
Finally,  the accomplishment I take the most pride in is writing, editing, self publishing, and selling my own memoir, Food Faith and Facing My Fears. More than 1,500 copies of Food, Faith and Facing My Fears have been sold and it is rated 5 starts on Amazon. 
Much more rewarding, however, was the mental and physical healing that came from sharing my story.  Publishing Food Faith and Facing My Fears enabled me to connect and empathize with a huge audience of people about issues close to my heart. It showed me the power of vulnerability, story telling, and shining a light on subjects commonly seen as taboo.
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