An advocate for: food that is Thai, jokes that are dry, and all things UX / UI...
Whether it's a prototype for a pitch deck, a full-functioning app, or an addition to an existing platform; I love solving complex problems and making abstract ideas come to life through design. ​​​​​​​I believe that design has not only the power, but the responsibility to decrease inequality gaps in our world. I strive to do this by designing products that are accessible, inclusive, and human-centered.
Years of experience in graphic design enable me to approach UX UI with an artistic eye and extreme attention to detail. Additionally, a degree in business, heavy involvement with startups, and freelance work have cultivated the ability to sell my ideas verbally and understand the product process end-to-end. 
A community advocate, avid traveler, and chronic creator - my skills land at the intersection of function and fashion, of business and beauty, of ethics and earnings...Want to talk business or banter? Shoot me an email.
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